Starting at $300

Different levels of Ceramic Paint protection are available:

1 year Paint Protection

18 Month Paint Protection

2 Year Paint coating system

Multiple Year Paint coating system

Want a coating that is built to last?  If you are looking to easily care for your car and protect your vehicle's finish for extended periods, ceramic coatings are the way to fly.  This is the quintessential, ultimate level of protection.

Ceramic coatings are the future in preservation of your car's finish. With proper after care of these coatings Red's Detail Co. can keep the gloss and finish on your auto perfect for multiple years without having to polish or hand wax your vehicle in between. We offer many different levels of protection for your individual lifestyle and needs. 

NOTE: These prices are for the application of the vehicle coating system only, additional costs of automobile paint preparation may vary depending on you and your vehicle's individual needs.

Whether it’s a new or vintage car, ceramic coatings are the most bang for the buck in the auto detailing world! 

With this additional level of long lasting vehicle protection you can keep your car's finish as new for years to come and save hundreds of dollars at the same time. 

The ceramic nano tech coating makes maintenance easy and quick.