Cars start at $275

Truck/SUV $300 | XXL $320

Want the paint shiny, but working with a budget?  The Gloss Enhancement service is what you are looking for!  Red's Detail Co. can safely clean the bonded contaminants off your paint and gently polishing it back to life.  This service will give you the shine you are looking for and leave some gas money for that Saturday night cruise. 

-Degreasing of wheels/wheel wells/rocker panels/front bumper/rear bumper/exhaust tips & door jams.

-Foam bath 

-3 stage decontamination process (including paint cleaning clay)

-2nd foam bath


-Heated/purified compression dry

-Microfiber hand dry

-Microfiber hand dry all jams

-Exterior high gloss polish giving the paint a deep high gloss shine

-Full synthetic polymer applied to all exterior painted surfaces (6 months protection)

-Interior blow out 

-Interior wipe down doors/dash/center console/cup holders

-Interior vacuum

-Glass cleaning (inside&out)

-Tire conditioning.