Cars start at $175

TRUCK/SUV $185 | XXL $195

Just washing won't always get stubborn contaminants off your paint.  Red's Detail Co. has a three part decontamination system that makes sure the wax you apply isn't locking in a layer of dirt, giving your vehicle's paint it's full potential.

-Degreasing of wheels/wheel wells/rocker panels/front bumper/rear bumper/exhaust tips & door jams.

-Foam bath


-3 stage decontamination process (including paint cleaning clay)

-2nd foam bath 


-Heated/purified compression dry

-Microfiber hand dry

-Microfiber hand dry all jams

-Full synthetic polymer sealant applied to all exterior painted surfaces (6months protection)

-Interior blow out 

-Interior wipe down doors/dash/center console/cup holders

-Interior vacuum

-Glass cleaning (inside&out)

-Tire conditioning.