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Faded paint? Unappealing scratches and swirls? Maybe you simply want to bring back the brand new, factory gloss of your paint? Red's Detail Co.advanced paint correction service is the ideal choice for you!

Paint correction consists of mechanically polishing the paint to level out your clear-coat in order to remove scratches, swirl marks and other clear-coat imperfections. Polishing is also known as buffing or compounding and consists of leveling a microscopic layer of clear-coat. This process effectively removes imperfections but also restores your clear-coat's light reflectivity, which is responsible for the deep gloss and shine- which is ultimately desired.

Our paint correction services will transform your paint into a glossier, shinier surface than it was when you first brought it home- this is not an over- exaggeration! Depending on the level of perfection you desire and the level of imperfection found within your vehicles exterior surface, our highly trained technicians can utilize even more assertive methods, such as wet-sanding, to achieve levels of gloss and brilliance you never thought possible.


Enhancement Detail “High Maintenance Polish”

This is the part where our skills and love of what we do really start to shine, literally!

After a full exterior cleaning and some serious clay bar paint decontamination (everything included in the packages listed above), we gently machine polish your automobile to remove light swirl marks and add lots of gloss.

While this process will not perfect your cars paint, the transformation will  be a head-turner. 30% - 60% of the defects, such as haze and swirls, can be removed with this treatment.

Better results are most often achieved on softer paint, such as that commonly used on Japanese autos. Harder paints provide a bit more resistance; this is likely to be the case with German autos, among others.

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Multi-Stage Paint-Correction

If you’re looking for the big daddy service of the automotive detailing industry, this is it!

Full paint correction significantly improves the finish by removing all of the swirls and all but the most severe defects and scratches.

The process begins with heavy compounding machine polishing to remove the defects, and is then followed up by a secondary polishing stage to refine the finish and increase clarity and gloss.

Typically the process will rid your automobile of 80-95% of all defects. The rate for the Multi-Stage Paint Correction varies due to difference in paint types, condition of paint, and the size of your vehicle.

A thorough consultation will be done with each vehicle owner to provide a more precise pricing structure. This level of correction is absolutely crucial for those of you who wish to own and drive the glossiest, sexiest ride on the road!

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What is Paint Correction?
Paint correction should not be confused with body shop repair or paint repair. It is the art of repair to any defects that are found on the clear-coat of the paint, anything deeper than the clear-coat can be improved by paint correction but not fully removed.
For damages found on the clear-coat, such as swirl-marks, and most scratches or bumper scuffs, paint correction is a cost-effective repair solution compared to body shop solutions.
Paint correction will also retain a higher resale value for your vehicle compared to body shop or paint repairs as it doesn’t involve replacing or repainting a panel on your car. By keeping the original paint you avoid a respray that oftentimes will not lead to a 100% match of  the original color; therefore you maintain a higher resale value.
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