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The Benefits of Installing a Ceramic Car Coating with Red's Detail Co.

Ceramic car coating is the newest paint protection solution in Atlanta, Georgia to help you keep your vehicle cleaner, shinier and looking brand new for years to come without the need of time-consuming tasks such as waxing or polishing. Looking for even tougher protection? Check out our paint protection film solutions.

In the first place, what exactly is a ceramic car coating?

No matter what they’re called, most ceramic coatings such as Ceramic Pro, CQuartz, Gtechniq and Opti-Coat contain silicon dioxide which is more commonly known as silica and if you don’t know anything about silica, we have a little secret for you…it’s also found in Quartz which has a Mohs scale hardness rating of about 7 out of 10. Now that’s hard! It’s the incredible hardness that enables coatings to resist contaminants.

Every coating manufacturer including Ceramic Pro, Gtechniq, Cquartz and Opti-Coat have their own proprietary mix but essentially they mix liquid ceramic with silicon dioxide and sometimes even titanium dioxide to create a clear flexible barrier between the environment and your car’s paint.

Ceramic coatings then bond chemically to your clear-coat via a covalent bond which ends up being the strongest type of bond in nature which allows coating to last for many years. Waxes on the other hand, don’t bond to your paint, they just sit on top of it which requires car owners to constantly reapply wax to keep their paint protected.

What benefits do ceramic car coatings provide to car owners?

They keep your paint cleaner, longer and make washing your paint easier.Because of their hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties, coatings makes harder for dirt, dust and other contaminants to stick to your paint. As a result, your paint stays cleaner in between washes, meaning you will need to wash your vehicle less frequently.This will also make washing your vehicle much easier as the anti-stick surface will do most of the work.

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A barrier against staining and chemical etching.

Acid rain, bird drops and chemical fallouts have a corrosive effect on your paint and can easily leave stains. Coatings with their incredible hardness and chemical resistance provide superior protection against staining and etching over traditional wax and sealants.

Even with a coating, it is still important to remove bird drops and other corrosive contaminants as soon as possible. But your coating will allow you drastically more time to remove contaminants before they start staining your clear-coat.

UV and Oxidation Protection
Over time, UV rays cause clear-coat oxidation and discoloration. This cause your paint to “fade” over the years. Coatings provide total protection against UV rays, meaning your paint will not fade once installed. This is a great benefit for Atlanta’s car owners.
Ridiculous Gloss & Shine
Once cured, coatings create a flat and hyper-reflective surface. This causes light bounce of your paint to create a permanent wet look that will make head turns. And that gloss doesn’t fade, after each wash you will have the impression that your paint was freshly waxed!
Durability Measured in Years Not Months.
As mentioned above, coating use a covalent bond to stick to your paint, this bond is extremely durable and hard to separate. Depending on the coating you choose to opt for, they will last in general for 2-10 years (10 years if properly maintained). On the other hand, waxes last anywhere from 2 to 4 months and polymer paint sealant can last from 6 to 9 months.
Helps Minimze Swirl-Marks.
There’s a myth that ceramic car coating protect against scratches, this is false, if you put a key against a coating, it will leave a mark. However, because of the improved hardness of a coating over clear-coat, it will help minimize some of the swirl-marks.
"My brand new car looked even better than brand new after the ceramic coating"

Our Packages

CQuartz Professional

CQuartz Professional

The “Wet Look” that lasts for years. CQuartz Professional stays clean longer than competing products, and provides years of extreme protection.

Protects against UV rays, oil stains, brake dust, iron contaminants, mild abrasions, weathering, bugs, tar, dust, dirt, & bird bombs.

No durable ceramic coating is able to resist natural water stains better than CQuartz’ line of Professional coatings.

The paint will not dull or oxidize, surfaces stay cleaner and glossier, and clean up easier!

Properly maintained, CQuartz Professional will last for years, all while keeping your car glossier, cleaner, and easier to wash and dry!

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CQuartz Finest Reserve

CQuartz Finest Reserve

During the creation of Finest Reserve, no expense was spared in developing an entirely new nanotechnology available nowhere else in the world.

All Finest installers have committed to fully prep, decontaminate, and polish the surface to the highest level possible before application of Finest Reserve to enhance it even further! This is not optional.

A mandatory 2 coats are applied (minimum) and heat cured at a consistent 140° F insuring the ultimate enhancement and protection.

Finest Reserve provides a gloss that lasts for years, provides stain resistance, hydrophobicity, gloss, and creates a dirt-repellency impossible with any other method of protection.

Finest Reserve becomes an integral part of your vehicle, sheltering the finish from environmental hazards and allowing it to be washed with ease for years to come!

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CQuartz Lite

CQuartz Lite is an entry level coating for those wanting protection, durability without breaking the bank!

The capabilities of CQuartz Lite include: easier to clean surfaces, resistance to insect splatter, petrol spills, light solvents, Acids, Alkali in a PH 3-12 range and harmful UV rays, whilst providing a beading contact angle of 110 Deg! In other words, CQuartz Lite helps keep your paint super glossy, well protected, beads like crazy, and washes off easy when properly maintained!

CQuartz Lite is built on a combination of Sio2 and Tio2 particles with over 45% solid materials, as well as proprietary ingredients not made public outside of the lab! CQuartz Lite is a great option for professional detailers as an entry level coating or for the enthusiast who wants to try their first ceramic coating.

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